Dr Nazand Begikhani is an exiled contemporary writer, poet and academic researcher based at the University of Bristol. She is born in Kurdistan and an active advocate of human rights.

Begikhani has been living in Europe (Denmark, France and United Kingdom) since 1987. She received her M.A and Ph.D in comparative literature from the university of the Sorbonne, Paris, and published nine books, including six poetry collections, in English, Kurdish and French.

Nazand Begikhani is a leading researcher on gender-based violence and has conducted research on many aspects of violence and gender relations, including honour-based violence (HBV), rape and sexual violence in Iraq and Syria, domestic violence, and family policy and practice in Kurdistan.

Nazand has been awarded several international awards, including the UK Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize for her work on HBV (2000), Kurdistan Region's Sayd Ibrahim's Memorial Prize for her creativity (2009) and the French Simone Landrey's Feminine Poetry Prize for her poetry work (2012). Her poetry was also nominated for the Forward Book of Poetry Prize; one of her poems, An Ordinary Day was elected by Forward Poetry Prizes as one of the best 40 poems of the year in the UK (2007).


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