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Je Resiste Donc Je Suis

Je Resiste Donc Je Suis Mardi 10 juillet 2018 à 10h38

in support of Refugees & Asylum Seekers, Tours, October 14th 2017

Forum on Kurds - Crisis in Syria and Iraq

Forum on Kurds - Crisis in Syria and IraqMardi 10 juillet 2018 à 10h20

The forum will bring together leading experts including journalists, academicians, and scholars for lively discussions about the pressing historical, political, ethno-religious, cultural, issues, movements, and changes in Syria and Iraq.

An interview with Nazand Begikhani

An interview with Nazand Begikhani Mardi 10 juillet 2018 à 10h15

Soran University - The Faculty of Arts

The Violence Against Women Poems

The Violence Against Women PoemsMardi 10 juillet 2018 à 10h11

A poem from the book set in Iraqi Kurdistan about violence against women, 'They don't know yet', read by Nazand Begikhani, Kurdish women's activist, renowned Kurdish poet and violence against women specialist. With many thanks to Nazand. - Gill Hague

Begikhani à Tours le 14/01/2017

Begikhani à Tours le 14/01/2017Mardi 10 juillet 2018 à 10h04

Un premier aperçu vidéo de l'après-midi du 14 janvier 2017 à Tours, concert et lecture pour la Paix la Démocratie et les Libertés au Kurdistan et au Moyen Orient, organisé par France Kurdistan Solidarité 37. La suite plus tard. 

A poem by Nazand Begikhani

A poem by Nazand BegikhaniMardi 10 juillet 2018 à 09h52

A poem by Nazand Begikhani recited by Amir Sharifi at Poetry Without Borders: Poetry of Women - California State University Long Beach, Sp 2017. 

Théâtre du Rond-Point - 2009

Théâtre du Rond-Point - 2009Mardi 10 juillet 2018 à 09h42

Anfal is the name of a genocidal campaign carried out by Saddam Hussein against Kurdish people in Kurdistan. Nazand Begikhani advocates that Kurdish genocide is inscribed in our collective momory, so that what Kurds in Iraq went through should be known to all and never forgotten.

La poétesse Nazand Begikhani aux Rencontres de la Ronce

La poétesse Nazand Begikhani aux Rencontres de la RonceSamedi 7 juillet 2018 à 16h41

La maison des Écritures de Neuvy-le-Roi accueille, dimanche 18 octobre, à 17 h, Nazand Begikhani, poétesse d'origine kurde, en clôture de saison du château de Beaumont-la-Ronce par cette Rencontre de la Ronce.

Equality for Woman Lecture Series.

Equality for Woman Lecture Series.Samedi 7 juillet 2018 à 16h37

The ‘Equality for Women’ lecture series aims to draw attention to the issues facing women in the region and to contextualize the socioeconomic and political circumstances within which they have developed. The series will include two lectures each Fall and Spring semester to discuss the different aspects of how conflict and culture affects and shapes the lives of women in the region.

University of Bristol: Gender Based Violence and Displacement

University of Bristol: Gender Based Violence and DisplacementSamedi 7 juillet 2018 à 16h22
The purpose of the research is to get a better understanding of the process of displacement and its impact on experiences and perceptions of Gender Based Violence (GBV) along with the potential for disrupting pathways to perpetration. 
By using collaborative techniques between academics and refugee community partners, the research will co-produce data about how displaced communities experience and perceive GBV, involving both women and men.