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Equality for Woman Lecture Series.

Equality for Woman Lecture Series.Samedi 7 juillet 2018 à 16h37

The ‘Equality for Women’ lecture series aims to draw attention to the issues facing women in the region and to contextualize the socioeconomic and political circumstances within which they have developed. The series will include two lectures each Fall and Spring semester to discuss the different aspects of how conflict and culture affects and shapes the lives of women in the region.

University of Bristol: Gender Based Violence and Displacement

University of Bristol: Gender Based Violence and DisplacementSamedi 7 juillet 2018 à 16h22
The purpose of the research is to get a better understanding of the process of displacement and its impact on experiences and perceptions of Gender Based Violence (GBV) along with the potential for disrupting pathways to perpetration. 
By using collaborative techniques between academics and refugee community partners, the research will co-produce data about how displaced communities experience and perceive GBV, involving both women and men. 

Nazand Begikhani: Speaking Out, Fighting Back and No Surrender

Nazand Begikhani: Speaking Out, Fighting Back and No SurrenderSamedi 7 juillet 2018 à 16h05

Clarion Project: Could you explain a little bit about honor culture and how it manifests itself in Kurdistan? Is there a trend away from honour culture? Or is it becoming more entrenched?

Interview with women's rights campaigner Dr Nazand Begikhani

Interview with women's rights campaigner Dr Nazand BegikhaniSamedi 7 juillet 2018 à 15h54

Sunday 4 June 2006 (UK) - Dr Nazand Begikhani: Violence against women is still widely practised both in Kurdistan and inside the Kurdish community abroad 

Nazand Begikhani wins Kurdistan Gender Equality Prize

Nazand Begikhani wins Kurdistan Gender Equality PrizeSamedi 7 juillet 2018 à 15h50

LOS ANGELES, United States (K24)-- Renowned poet, academic, and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol’s Centre for Gender and Violence Research, Dr. Nazand Begikhani, wins the first ever Kurdistan Gender Equality Prize awarded by the Galawêj Cultural Centre in Sulaimani. 


ProfileMardi 22 mai 2018 à 16h17

د. نەزەند بەگیخانی نووسەر و شاعیر، مامۆستای زانکۆیە لە بەریتانیا، زانکۆی بریستل. لە ١٩٨٧ ەوە لە مەنفا دەژی و خوێندنی باڵای لە زانکۆی سۆربۆنی فەڕەنسی تەواو کردووە. نامەی دکتۆراکەی تایبەت بووە بە ''وێنەی ژنی کورد لەناو ئەدەبییاتی ئەوروپی سەدەی نۆزدە و سەرەتای سەدەی بیستەم'' کە بە پلەی شەڕەفی باڵا لە ١٩٩٧ پێی بەخشراوە.

د.نەزەند بەگیخانی وەکو شاعیرێکی جیهانی ناسراوە و جگە لە کوردی بە ئینگلیزی و فەڕەنسیش دەنووسێ. بە کوردی شەش دیوانی شیعری و بە ئینگلیزی و فەڕەنسی سێ دیوانی هەیە. لە ساڵی ٢٠١٢ دیوانی 'دوێنێی سبەینێ'' خەڵاتی فێمینی شیعری فەڕەنسی بەناوی سیمۆن لاندری وەرگرتووە.

Une femme kurde à l’honneur

Une femme kurde à l’honneurVendredi 30 mars 2018 à 12h38
Très concerné par la cause kurde, depuis sa mission d’observation dans le sud-est de la Turquie, le maire de Château-Renault a souhaité honorer une militante de cette cause à l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la femme. Samedi après-midi, dans la mairie, il a remis la médaille de la ville à Mme Nazand Begikani pour le combat qu’elle mène depuis de nombreuses années pour le droit des femmes et la cause féminine kurde.